How to fix my dns server on windows 7

I still get 60mbs on ehternet and anything from 1mbs to 19 mbs on wifi it is up and down.Maybe you will have another cleared and detailed explanation to describe this issue.Check if bluetooth is enabled and drivers are installed properly.I called Comcast and had them turn off the hot spot they broadcast from my router.I wonder if you tried the same steps mentioned here, on Local Area Connection under the list of network connections.

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If the other devices have internet connection, then this is an issue with your computer.Win 8.1 OS the modem was failing running hot, cause web pages not to load.Reset firewall settings to default and check if it is not accidentally blocking internet connection.Finally I contacted my ISP and they got it fixed impermanently after replacing modem.This article explains the step by step process of adding public DNS to your network settings in Windows 7 and the.Description.: DW1501 Wireless-N WLAN Half-Mini Card.

Restart both computer and router to check if the DNS problem is fixed.I own my modem so they told me they could not help me any further.So far I have been unable to fix the connection on any of my devices.

I was mistaken, the laptop was not connected to the internet.If the issue seems to be with modem itself, contact your ISP.You can also submit an answer or search documents about how.Restarted computer and still unfortunately getting the same issue.Thank you soo much you saved me you really did thank god for you.System restore feature enable you to restore your computer to a previous date and time when the computer was working fine.

I suggest checking that first if you are at all tech savvy and have tried the other fix attempts.

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Usually in this case, it is the security software.First step is to disable security software and then check if it is fixed.If not, change the ipaddress manually to and subnet mask to Restart computer and check the status.Now you should be able to run any task in command prompt as it has admin rights.I will update this information in highlighted area, so that it will help others with the same problem.

My expertise are in Operating Systems, mainly Windows and Computer security which comes from my experience, working as Tech Support and Trainer for Microsoft, Symantec and McAfee.

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But considering the fact that you tried all the above steps and none fixed the problem, try doing a system restore to a date when the internet was working fine in your computer.Restore your computer to a point where the internet connection was working fine.Booted back up, disabled zone alarm firewall and activated windows firewall and all was good in the world.I just wanted to thank you for this very detailed trouble shooting explanation.

If not,disable services such as windows firewall and windows defender.check if the issue is fixed.Please make sure you enable the service, if it is not responsible for this issue.In Run window, type ncpa.cpl. Right click on wireless connection, click Properties, scroll down and click on Internet Protocol Version 4, then click Properties.My ISP was not the issue since I was able to use my laptop and my iPad on my Cisco router.Lenovo Flex 3-1580 80r4, Intel Dual Band Wireless AC1365 card, Windows 10.A good method to check this is disable all security software and firewall.

Here is a list of DNS addresses which can be used on your computer.Windows 7 DNS server not responding. Windows 7 DNS server not responding.

I thought it could be my PC or some settings but if I use it in my office I can connect.If your computer is able to access internet in safe mode with networking, a security software or conflicting third party software might be responsible for the problem.

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If there is a yellow exclamation, there is problem with Bluetooth driver.