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Each version of Android comes with a host of features, though they vary between devices.This subreddit is not a circlejerk, it is a standard subreddit about the gloriousness of Android with some satirical and humorous elements.Dig into the latest security publications Check out detailed white papers and Android security reports.

Your location can say a lot about you, such as where you go and even who you meet and what you might do -- and Google uses these results to serve more relevant ads and other information.You can turn this setting on from Settings then Security, and then (so long as you have your screen lock enabled), you can turn on the Automatically Wipe setting -- though, it should be enabled by default.With the recent repeal of Internet privacy rules in the United States being officially put into force, online privacy is now a topical talking point in the.

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You can enable a setting so that after ten failed unlock attempts, your Android device will be wiped clean and all data destroyed.Privacy Messenger latest version: A free program for android.By viewing our content, you are accepting the use of cookies.

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The easiest way is to simply not sign in with your Gmail (or other Google) account.

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Android privacy has become one of the most talked about issues.Limit access, encrypt data, and set rules to who or what can have access to your important.Setting a strong passcode is imperative to protecting your Android phone or tablet.

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From there, you can set the feature to work From the Google app but make sure the other options are turned off.

Android Privacy Guard (APG) is a free and open source software application that runs on the Android operating system.

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In a brief filed this summer in federal court, lawyers for Google said Android and Gmail.

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While I setup a Gmail account when I got my Android device, I neither use.Or for even stronger protections, use an alphanumeric passcode.

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Under the Sleep setting, change the inactivity timeout to 30 seconds or lower, depending on preference.The longer the passcode (or alphanumeric password), the tougher it will be for an attacker to gain access to your device.For privacy and security, change these Android settings right now.

Go to Settings then Location, where you can turn on and off at the top switch.Free Tutorial: Android security and Android privacy are paramount for keeping your information protected.The downside is if you lose your phone, you may lose your data.With all that rambling about whether it is needed or not, security or privacy or not - at the end there was one question - if available on iPhone - why not Android.In short, Go to Settings then Security, then Encrypt Device and follow the prompts.Remember, you always have the option to manually back-up to your home computer.It has helped me find and uninstall two privacy violating apps (neither time was the app an offender you would expect), and.

Though storing your data in the cloud is good for backing it up, law enforcement can demand that Google turn over your data.The best apps to protect your privacy and secure your data including password managers and encrypted messaging.

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I have personally never really worried about Monzo not having said lock on android, and may not turn this.

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But that gives Google a lot of access to your data to know what to dig up.Or you could flash AOSP on your device and use no google services.

Yesterday, we published a blog post lauding an extremely important app privacy feature that was added in Android 4.3. That feature allows users to install apps while.