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They are free to visit any site, send or receive emails and look out for their preferred DNS.For an average person who need a secure connection PureVPN is the best choice.P2P is allowed by every VPN provider in our list but just few of them keep no logs at all.While other VPN providers charge you for extra bandwidth, boxpn does not restrict anything.

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I asked for my money back after 24 hours and said i had used more than 500MB of bandwidth and more than 30 sessions.However if there are any issues, customer service is excellent.

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Boxpn has over 70 servers only for Torrent traffic in countries where there is.Their trial is for only 3 days and it costs half than some competitors charge for an entire month.

A user can easily download over 1 GB by testing his new VPN on and similar bandwidth testing services.Except I have no clue where to look for Apache or PHP log files.Purevpn is just a scam they do not honor the 7 days money back guarantee.Considered to be among the foremost VPN vendor, HideMyAss is straightforward in accepting that it does keeps a log of the IP address and timestamp of the users as they connect or disconnect with their VPN only for 30 days.Though, it uses the data to sort out the issues arising in its services and make them even better for the customers.VPN connections were reliable and video streaming was smooth in HD quality. - Page 2

The intention is however constructive, i.e. to protect the users from anti social elements over the internet.We do not keep any logs and we do not provide customer inform.Boxpn offers free browsing without leaving any traces, which can be of a high use for adversaries.About an hour later I recieved a very polite e-mail and the funds were returned to my PayPal account immediately.

I tied different VPN providers during I live in China and even setup my own VPN with a root server in Germany.How to: Log Information About Services. It also logs any failures that occur.

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Quickly rectified my mistake of copying a trailing space in the emailed password for the VPN connection.Is it possible in reality for your VPN vendor not to keep a vpn log all of your activities you perform over the internet via virtual private network.Usually flawless, had a connection problem this evening in Hong Kong when the hotel stopped the Internet while I was connected.

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I also want to suggest you that not only on PureVPN, but on any provider over internet, make sure to read the terms of service, privacy policy etc. in which you will get the answers of confusions you have.With Boxpn you can enjoy hours of HD movies, HQ sound, and high resolution.Boxpn is an experienced VPN provider offer you world wide online security service,Established by Cakinberk Telekom Ltd. Sti. which have been in server.Money back guarantees can be a bitch if you signup for a year.Boxpn does not monitor your online activity and thus does not maintain.In such a scenario, the administrative bodies often instruct the VPN log service providers to keep them updated about all the activities their customers are performing.It claims not to monitor, store or record logs of any of its customers while accessing the VPN servers.Forum discussion: Not sure if this will generate much interest, but I wondered if anyone here has had decent experiences or has solid knowledge of VPN or other.

After i had cancelled my subscription Purevpn attempted to charge me for another month.Speed was good, average on servers far away but usually good on closer locations.

If they changed pricing, the new price should have been applied to your account to reflect changes.They have lots of servers and IPs, speed is good but support could be better and their marketing is way too aggressive.

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Had some outstanding service from the PureVpn supporter Albert who guided me very professionally and helped me connect.I tried various protocols as they recommended bit still no joy.Nowhere in my contract or agreement is that anything that said I have to scan and email them a copy of my Credit card.Their OpenVPN features 256-bit AES-CBC encryption cipher for data transfer, LZO compression, and 1024-bit RSA CA.

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If there is any abuse report coming, the customer (vpn provider in this case) has to deal with it.OpenVPN is not handled through their own client, so you have to use a third-party client like tunnelblick, then download and install their server configs.

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The reason they had not gotten back to me, they said, was that the Pure VPN account manager had not responded.It appears that in the past they were claiming to keep these logs for 5 days, but the duration was remove from their Terms and Conditions page.Must want to inform that VPN offers you to bypass Geo Restriction, for sure, but any website owner reserved the right to block access of VPN IPs using the tools to detect VPN.Mac users, spoiled or not, should learn how to do a 2-click job, to be honest.

I offered them to pay to my skrill or to my Paypal account but they refused.Before IPSec was almost without any trouble it is not anymore.You do not need to write any code to write entries to the log when using the default.Dimitri on the Customer chat solved my administrator rights dilemma really fast.Their customer service was real good, but it was still a lot of work on my end.