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That way if the building exploded I always had a backup offsite.How To Setup External Hard Drive On A Network Brettgod1355. Loading. Share an external hard drive on a home network (Mac) - Duration: 4:20.Whether you are looking for a fast network drive for storing and streaming movies and music at home, or a shared network hard drive for a small or home office, our detailed reviews of the top network drives will show you the features and specifications to look for when shopping.Our Verdict: A loaded and audacious NAS drive, the dual-bay TS-253B packs a nifty OLED screen, does easy hardware transcoding of video, and delivers the ability to boost the network speed or add caching via PCI Express card.

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Check below for lab-tested reviews of our current 10 best network-attached storage drives.Free, interactive tool to quickly narrow your choices and contact multiple vendors.

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A network-attached storage (NAS) device is ideal for giving multiple users remote access to large amounts of data.

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The upside to this method is that the file transfer rate is as fast as it can be for your hard drive.The Best Home Network Security Plan. Very strong option for a home network.

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You can also attach the drive to your home network with an Ethernet cable. It is probably the best personal cloud system in the market.Our Verdict: This NAS drive is an excellent offering for consumers seeking convenient, flexible data access and lots of mirrored storage space.

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If so, welcome to our best cloud storage devices for home media guide.An exact copy of the data is mirrored to each drive in the array.

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Recommended Devices The best option in my opinion is the Synology DiskStation 2-bay diskless system.I set up a home network primarily so that I can access files on the.We show you how, in both Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

The best thing you can do for your home network is require WPA2 encryption.Matthew Mombrea is a software engineer, founder of Cypress North, and a technology enthusiast.

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In my experience, the less you have to think about backing up and the more automated it is, the more likely it is to actually get done.

Our Verdict: This small, budget-minded NAS device provides good bang for the buck, packing ease of use and comprehensive media-streaming and backup apps.This guide will walk you through the jargon of setting up a home network.If you need to back up multiple Macs or share media files on your home (or small-business) network, you might need more than a USB drive attached to your AirPort base.

Putting a hard drive up for grabs on the network is done primarily by sharing folders on your computer with other computers on the network.To share a folder, drive, or printer on the network in Windows 10, 8.x, and 7.Use one of these options either with the devices included backup software or using one of the backup programs outlined in Part 2 of this series.We run through everything you need to know to share a folder or hard drive on your home network.In Windows, how do I share a folder, drive, or printer on the network.

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The chances are pretty good that you have a wireless home network,.For a less expensive alternative that gives up the RAID capabilities, see the Synology 1-Bay NAS Server.The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of ITworld, its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies.