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Add your, Office 365, or Exchange-based email account to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch using Outlook for iOS.From the Settings app choose Safari and then Search Engine to make your choice.

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The Settings App Interface The Settings app implements a hierarchical set of pages for navigating app preferences.

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To display the settings for your page, you must reference it from a child pane control as described in Hierarchical Preferences.

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To define additional Settings pages, you must add additional property list files to your Settings bundle.Additional images If you use the slider control, you can store the images for your slider in the top-level directory of the bundle.

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Starting with iOS 9, Apple has made it possible to search the Settings app.

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The strings files provide the localized strings to display for your preferences.If Allow Host Paring is set to Yes, then devices can pair with any other.The name of this file must be Root.plist. The contents of this file are described in more detail in The Settings Page File Format.Although you typically use this type to represent preferences containing Boolean values, you can also use it with preferences containing non-Boolean values.Xcode does this automatically for the Root.plist file, but you may need to format additional property-list files manually.

In Xcode 4, adding a property-list file to your project does not automatically associate it with your Settings bundle.Click the disclosure triangle of the item to hide its contents.

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The FooterText key for Group elements is available in system settings since iOS 4.

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It may also include other support files needed to display your preferences, such as images or localized strings.Disclose the new toggle switch item to reveal its configuration keys.

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Join the millions browsing faster on iPad and iPhone with peace of mind, privacy protection.The default Settings bundle contains a Root.plist file and a default language directory for storing any localized resources.

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The value for this type is a real number whose minimum and maximum value you specify.With the Default Value key selected, Control-click and select Add Row to add a Titles array.

When the Settings app encounters a key that supports localization, it checks the appropriately localized.strings file for a matching key.

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Contents of the Settings.bundle directory Item name Description Root.plist The Settings page file containing the preferences for the root page.You can use this type for a preference that represents a range of values.Learn the Intune settings you can use to control device settings and functionality on iOS devices.Under iOS, choose Resource, and then select the Settings Bundle template.

This bundle contains one or more Settings page files that describe the individual pages of preferences.Localized Resources Because preferences contain user-visible strings, you should provide localized versions of those strings with your Settings bundle.To format a file as iPhone Settings, do the following: Select the file.