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Well it means if you have a high bandwidth link with high latency.If you ask on any forums the best way to reduce latency and ping spikes, the number 1 answer would be to change to a wired connection.

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This is what latency is and how it can influence voice quality in VoIP.I have fixed many problems by simply turning my router on and off again.Xplornet has two different types of platforms: fixed wireless technology and satellite technology.

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Check for background programs using the internet to download updates.Since moving to Comcast Business Class Internet (from Comcast Personal Class Internet), my connectivity has gotten worse.It can usually detect even the newest forms of spyware that other scanners may not be able to find.

Comcast Business offers scalable Ethernet Services with secure networks that allow reliable communication with employees and clients.Alternatively, if you found one of these fixes useful then please let me know how it helped and what specific issue it helped with.Throwing blame around by a company to its customers it just stupid.Do not overlook this step, especially if you have either just installed a new Ethernet cable (as it may be faulty) or if you have had the same cable for many years.

Same goes for data congestion which in high traffic times will put user.SaskTel needs to fix this or let other companies in Saskatchewan that could accommodate the need for speed.

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JavaScript is either disabled or not supported in your browser.Hey all, Unfortunately, the other high latency thread became a bit of a mess due to other unrelated latency issues being posted in there.

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I posted last year about this issue in the dedicated Comcast forum.Cable Latency Issue. High latency in games, Comcast test reports Low latency.Internet data is packaged and transported in. can change the routing path which in turn can affect the latency.My internet was working fine for a long time but now my cable connection has extremely high latency problems.Test your Internet connection bandwidth to locations around the world with this interactive broadband speed test from Ookla.Also if you are using a lot of devices on your home network at the same time there may be local congestion, since AFAIK Sasktel only issues 100mbps routing devices, while gigabit routers are becoming much more common for consumers setting up their own home networks.DSL vs Cable latency. Browse other questions tagged internet-connection cable dsl latency or ask your own question. Very high latency with Verizon DSL. 0.

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WoW lag, or high latency, can be a real issue in the MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) World of Warcraft.To do this then visit the website of the company who manufactured your router.As older routers do not perform as well as more modern ones and often cannot handle the demands of higher speed internet.Takes weeks to download a simple game that would take an hour tops anywhere else so downloading is off limits in my house.I am knowledgable in msdos, windows excel, windows word, office.I also fix computers that have been plagued with viruses, worms, Trojans,infections, and everything else that has been thrown at computers in the past decade.Hi, I would love some help getting my high latency under control.

What viable companies, products or options are out there today for TCP Acceleration over satellite or high latency IP networks.My computer is an 8g ram with 2 tb memory, so its definitely not my computer.If you have any doubts then simply try a new cable in the place of your current one and see if your internet improves.Sponsored by new partner Comcast, Evil Geniuses has emerged from their grueling training under extreme Internet conditions.I unlock computers for people that forgot passwords and recover lost and corrupted data.Likewise, if you live in a remote area then your internet in general may be slower than someone who lives in a big city.They'll laugh at me and say my internet sucks...

Newer versions of windows already time the updates to happen when the internet is not being used, so most people no longer need to worry about this.

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Try using an Ethernet cable to directly connect your PC to your router.

Most people with some knowledge of computers and networks have already tried most of these but have another look and check that there is nothing obvious you have missed.You can usually find out in the contract, or simply by calling them.

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My windows experience rated my cpu at a 4.8 out of 5. 4.8 being the lowest score.The goal of the Rogers Community is to help you find answers on everything Rogers.

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It is also important to check the connectors that plug into your computer.

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For example, if you have a 40GB cap then once you reach 40GB of internet usage then your internet will run slower, or you will have to pay more for further usage.This is simple to remedy, as you can choose when windows will perform its updates, so change it to a time when you know you will not be using the internet.

If you are unable to connect, or if you are experiencing high latency or.

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However since you are playing online games, first thing I suggest you check is that you have gone to the firewall settings in the router interface and opened up the ports that the games uses.Most online games require you to do this or you will get serious network performance issues.Latency can be just as aggravating, if not more aggravating, than slow traffic on the freeway.