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Now you can press and hold the home button so that you can think a little bit,.Microsoft has also worked closely with Halo developer 343 Industries on the eyelike visual elements and voice actress Jen Taylor for the sound of Cortana.

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Cortana is a significant new feature for Windows Phone 8.1, one that has been in development for more than two years.

For now, Cortana lives in your pocket, but her voice might soon be everywhere.

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The notion of Cortana acting as a personal assistant with a notebook— as opposed to a creepy stalker — has been drilled into the team from the beginning, they say.

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But where exactly Microsoft will take Cortana in the future is still largely a mystery.Siri guide: everything you should know about Siri. allowed users to do some of the things that Siri is known for today. Hi. Only 2 years late.

Hello, Hey Siri Tricks and Tips That Work. Siri opens the Camera app with whatever mode you asked for.

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Up until a few weeks ago, it was hit and miss whether Cortana would be the final name.

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Ready on day one to provide answers and complete basic tasks.

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How Are You Today? And how fine, exactly, is frog hair, Siri?

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With the competition already years ahead, Cortana arrives at a time when Microsoft is focused on catching up in mobile.To avoid this, Microsoft spoke to a number of high-level personal assistants — yes, actual humans — and found one that kept a notebook with all the key information and interests of the person they had to look after.Hi. Hello. Hey. Good morning. Are you better than Google Now.

You can tell Siri to call you something else, if you like (for example, a nickname), but this area points to your info in Contacts.

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This feature is not available right now. Here are the questions I asked my iPhone 4S Siri: Hi Siri, how are you.When you first launch Cortana, she runs through basic questions to learn about you — your name, your food preferences, what category of movie you like, and so on.If you turned on Hey Siri, you do not need to press the Home Button to get started."Hey John, how have you been?" "Hi Bob, how are you?". "Andy, it's been a long time, how are you man?" If you meet someone unexpectedly, you can say, "Hey Jack,...

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Siri can send your messages, place calls, check your calendar,.

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One of the most useful features of Cortana is its ability to trigger actions based on events, a little bit like the popular web service IFTTT.The company has an always-on microphone in millions of houses through Kinect, hundreds of millions of computers running Windows, and a healthy new attitude toward iOS.MacMost: Siri Says Some Funny Things (MacMost Special Edition).The Bing home page will be updated in the coming weeks with notifications and information displayed in Live Tiles, personalized for each user, perhaps a small sign of things to come.