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Hello I am in Europe and have US itunes account prepaid with gift card.I bought a song from iTunes not realizing that I had bought the wrong song.How to get a refund for an app you purchased from the App Store. By. and referred me back to iTunes. how to delete it and get my money back because i.

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wiki How to Sell Your Music on iTunes. royalties usually make you more money if you sell less. drive traffic back to your album, otherwise you won't get any...Learn how any musician or artist can sell their music on iTunes.DB:3.82:Does Itunes Allowances Take Money From Your Credit Card Or Itunes Balence 83.Unfortunately, there is no way you can refund any purchases made in iTunes unless you contact apple and make a good enough excuse that Apple will take as.Then you slide your credit card in and out, and the machine should print your tickets.Today I got email from itunes support my account is in violation of their TOS and I must buy.

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Get help with other iTunes purchases. You can also view your purchases history in the iTunes Store on a Mac or PC.

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Get on your computer and open iTunes then hook up yor phone to the computer then click.

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Get heard and make money from your songs and albums quickly and easily.How to Recover Your iTunes Music After a Hard Drive Crash. you just need to get a program that will let you copy content from your iPhone back to iTunes.

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How do I go about reporting it and also how can I try to get my money back.

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If it is in your main listing of songs, it either allows or disallows a song to be copied to your IPOD.

Can I get my money back or can I load their apps on my Ipad, iPhone, iPod.

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Clean up your iTunes library. Select to rent or purchase TouchCopy. We will never sell or give away your contact details. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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First click on the arrow next to your email on top right hand corner.He even called the credit card company from his cell phone, and they said THEY had no record of the purchase, either.

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So I had to shut it down and when I went back on all the money was lost.If all goes well you should have a refund sitting in your iTunes.

My computer froze up while I was in the process of buying songs.Fraud Alert: Scammers Get Victims to. purchase an iTunes gift card, load money onto it and then provide the 16-digit code on the back of the card.

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