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Most users continue to take DNS for granted, unaware of the hidden bottlenecks of ISP services and the potential for improvement.

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Easy to remember for IPv4 on with its backup on, users will still expect and get high availability, a lot of filtering and security such as DNSSEC as standard.

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Even meaty name servers will not cache every possible website domain and have to look that up recursively by sending a query to a remote server.

Changing DNS servers on mobile platforms such as Android is more complex than for a PC.Ditching the default DNS service can boost performance, reliability and security.Need to change DNS servers on your router or individual computer.

On Windows 10, navigate to the Control or Settings panel to the Ether or Wireless properties box and click on IPv4 properties.

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Free Fast Public DNS Servers List. US DNS: OpenDNS: Google DNS too low with me in.Doing this costs nothing and the benefits in terms of improved performance and security can be significant but few bother.

In this section. DNS. with DNS servers that resolve the names of. was a small network established by the United States Department of.

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Google collects data on users as it does from all its services although in the case of DNS it should be impersonal.

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Public DNS services may offer advantages over the DNS servers used natively by Internet Providers.

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You can use third-party DNS servers instead, which offer a variety of.These advantages may not be limited to speed only as you may get.ConnectSafe users will receive malware and phishing protection and available in its basic form on (backup with other servers specified, ConnectSafe can filter content such as porn, file sharing, and mature content.This sounds like a straightforward process but there are a number of variables that affect performance.It also requires the user to set a static IP address so no DHCP.

But how does one know whether a particular DNS server is fast, slow or perfectly normal.

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