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Set up Exchange ActiveSync on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.Read the entire post before you start configuring Gmail on your device.

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This is because you have it set to archive your deleted messages.To set up a Google Apps email account in iPhone Mail — or a Gmail account that does not work with the default.Learn how to set up and manage multiple Gmail accounts on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

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How to set up Microsoft Outlook mail, calendar, contacts on iPhone and iPad. Right now, all the contacts on my IPHONE are connected to my GMAIL exchange account.Watch this video for video instructions on setting up Gmail.

Disclaimer This website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.How to Configure Bell Sympatico Email on an iPhone. could set your Sympatico email to forward to GMail,.Setting up Gmail on the iPhone page 4 Removing Gmail Set Up Through Exchange If you have Gmail set up through Exchange that is no longer syncing, remove this account.Enter the full Google Apps email address and a password and tap.The way I understand it is if I setup Gmail through the Gmail setting on the iPhone, I can delete messages from the device (and that also deletes from my actual account) but email is not push.If you set up multiple Gmail accounts via Exchange and have them all push, does it take a serious toll on battery life.That is about as instantly as I need them. plus every time you open the mail app within the hour, the app will check for mail again.

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I have deleted and re-setup the hotmail multiple times but no luck.

But it stopped supporting it since June 2013 as I am assuming they wanted people to use their apps and wanted to use IMAP, an open standard.

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If that is the case then it can have an impact on battery life.Enter the Name, Email, password and a description for your Gmail or Google Apps email address, and tap Next to continue.

I get about 5-10 emails a day idk how that ranks with others but I have never had battery draining issues even with 3 accounts fetching every 15 minutes.

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I have three different e-mail addresses that are in my mail app on my iPhone.

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When you add your Exchange ActiveSync account, you can sync your Mail, Contacts,.

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Google Sync will only work for Gmail (personal) on devices that were active in 2013, new devices (even if you had a gmail account back then) cannot be added.Since the iPhone 4 uses iOS 7, this process for setting up. the Gmail app) due to the iPhone 4.Please select your country and operator below to see Device Guides for your operator. Continue. Please note: Your operator does.

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