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Depending on what controllerboard you bought off ebay, you can plug in your Playstation, Laptop or whatever comes to mind.I hooked up the ps3 to the laptop,. how do i get my ps3 to show up on my laptop screen with a.Anyone know what cheap controller card I can get for my Dell Inspiron 5160 Pentium4 (Windows XP) laptop. it has a perfect LCD screen but the mobo died. Thank you.I have a ASUS M51Tr laptop with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Series graphic card.Sorry to hear about the flickering though, are you sure the screen was fully working before.

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Normally, you should be able to set the brightness and other options in the settings.

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Engadget; About...I enjoy making things, taking stuff apart, learning how different things work and love creativity.The LCD controller one needs to buy costs more than a brand new monitor.

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The making-of How-To for the Xbox 360 laptop will be. in speakers we can use.It will be hard to reach after you finally put on those screws.To know what panel you have, you must take the casing around your screen apart and look at the back of the panel, it should be written somewhere.

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If everything worked according to plan, you can take off the covers from the front panel and put it on top of some cushions, like in the picture, to stop it from getting scratched.How-to: Make a PS3 Laptop of your very own. to arrange the parts of the PS3 to fit them inside of a laptop-style.

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Turn a Dead Laptop Into a Monitor With Plexiglas. from old laptop screen that is. board to use it with your ps3.For some reason the screen flickers a bit, disconnecting and reconnecting itself.Once you positioned your panel on the Plexiglas, take pen, or pencil, depending what works best, and mark the outlines of your panel on the cover from the sheet.

I believe that the answer is yes, I think GreatScott (YouTube) has a video similar to that Cool.If all fails, try to contact the seller, maybe he can do something about it or give you a refund.Also do they come with speakers usually or is that situational.Step 4: Positioning Stuff on the Sheets, to Find Out Where to Drill.More Comments About This Instructable 336,455 views 2,208 favorites License: Damutsch Follow 159 Bio.How do I connect my PS3 to my laptop with an ethernet cable to.

If not, please feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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Please feel free to comment if you have any more questions:).I want to use my laptop as a mini TV screen to plug my PS3 into (in case my roommate wants to use the TV and I wanna play games).This ability to play media via a second screen while using a smartphone to access related content.How to Hook Up a PS3 to a Computer Monitor. and like to play video games through their computer monitors as well.

Solved Can I turn my laptop into a screen for my Xbox One using.I was able to get the control board and the screen to work but for some reason the picture is very dim.

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Step. Plug the HDMI cable into the rear of the Sony PlayStation 3. Step. Turn the laptop on, and wait until it reaches the home screen of its operating system.Does anyone know why my slim PS3 has a silver reflective area where the power and disc eject buttons are.

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How to Play a Console on a Laptop. full screen its like a little box inside the screen.and when i plugged my ps3 in to the easy cap the quality was bad and.

First things first, this is my first Instructable and the first time I used a rotary tool and Plexiglas.As I said earlier, I got plenty of broken laptops lying around.

High resolution, large area, fast pixel response time and so on.Can I connect my PS 3 to my Lenovo B3 Series touchscreen. and then be able to use your laptop screen to play the PS3.I also think the only thing wrong with the laptop was the charging circuit.I made the mistake to cut my sheet in half, because I wanted a different design, but changed my mind. Oh well. After drilling all the holes, make sure that the front Plexiglas and the base connect properly and seem sturdy enough.Im just wondering whether i can connect my ps3 to my laptop and use it like.