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So, if there is more than one concurrent user, you are screwed.I live in USA for 2 years and use VPN to access content from my home country.As well as a 7-day money back guarantee, Ivacy regularly offers additional money off deals.

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There are no better service on any other VPN site from My experience.Vlad has stayed longer than his shift has been over to continue helping me in the past because he was not finished not only is he a tech GENIUS but he excels at CUSTOMER SUCCESS AND SERVICE ALSO.It worked well all the time and in case of any issue, there is 24x7 support team to help you out.Free Download Ivacy - Protect your online identity, unlock geographically restricted content, customize your preferred connection method and.How to Setup a VPN (Windows): Step 1: Firstly, Know your IP address.

Does drop out at times particularly on iPad version and no kill switch on mac os is a shame.Product Review: Ivacy VPN provider. Ivacy VPN offers a great solution for the security conscious among us.Ivacy Monitor is a Windows application that helps you set up a VPN connection to Ivacy.They tell you to do this and that and probably never understand what our problem is.Customer support is the best, because they are always ready to help their customers.

For this precise reason, i found myself once connected to an USA server although i reside in Europe, with a dramatic reducing of my ping and internet speed.He is SUPER friendly and an total pleasure to chat with while he is helping fix my issues.Another flaw: most of their servers only work with PPTP or L2TP and not with the other protocols.I have been an Ivacy client for a few years and when Vladimir Nabov took over doing my tech support my life was made so much easier the guy can fix anything but he also takes the time to show you what he is doing also.Learn how to install Hola Privacy VPN on your iPhone. How Set Up Hola VPN - Duration: 4:37.

The upshot of this is that the service is not available on the African continent (with the exception of South Africa).Ensure that the DCHP server is enabled, then click to apply your settings and save.Our reviews are written by users themselves, and are not influenced by VPN companies.As I refused, they asked me to substitute the Microsoft firewall.Let me explain: For a given preferred usage of vpn, they ask you to choose in which country your want your ip to be visible.The only difference between them is length of time, and payment can be made via PayPal, credit or debit card, Bitpay, Coin Payments, Perfect Money or Payment Wall.With a lifetime subscription to this highly-reviewed service, you can unblock.Its stuttering, breaking and most of the times does not even connect.IPsec and L2TP VPN: It stands for Internet Protocol Security and Layer to Tunneling Protocol respectively and it is a bit complicated to set up these VPNs however they are safer than PPTP.

But my expereience was pretty great, their customer support was super helpful didnt face any problems.Getting set up with Ivacy is pretty easy, and it only takes a few seconds to download and install before it is ready for use.

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Ivacy VPN: Surf the Internet Anonymously and Privately without being spied upon by governement, hackers, ISPs, DMCA etc.Ample servers, good speed, and a User-friendly interface- what else do you expect from a service that is dirt-cheap.If you are to keep only one of them, keep this one instead of the french one, although i would prefer to have them both.On my PC it worked, but had weird connection drops and slow speed for the servers nearby (It worked in China, but Japan and South Korea were useless).Unhelpful customer representatives was another problem faced by the previous reviewer.The service provides high speeds, certainly an improvement on my speed without the VPN connected.On the other hand, the UK server worked quite nice, but had high ping for gaming.Ivacy has been around for a while but is quite a relatively unknown VPN.

I purchased this service with the view of using on mobile devices only, however the service is excellent and now use for my main VPN.

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Great customers service and support, US and UK Netflix works well, speedy VPN.Ivacy also offers setup guides for each of the device platforms it is compatible and connected on.I have been using this service since one year and I am very happy, Today I have switched to lifetime subscription.Enjoy P2P file-sharing with complete anonymity and blazing fast speeds with Ivacy VPN.