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Posted on December 2nd, 2012 at 11:08 PM Leave a Reply Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website Loading Facebook Comments.When I diagnose the problem, Windows found it coz of Invalid IP address.

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Step 15: Now, on another device or computer, you should notice your newly created access point.A laptop surely and a brain to learn how to create wifi hotspot in windows 8.

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After receiving a lot of error reporting in the below comments of this post, I have written an article on how can you resolve errors which retain your from creating a successfull internet connection shared wifi hotspot on windows 8 or windows 7, read detailed guide: Resolve wifi hotspot errors or any other error which may happen while creating the hotspot.I tried to troubleshoot it but i realized it that this method is only able to recognize the hard networks, or the networks that act as them.Step 6: Enter the following command netsh wlan start hostednetwork to make your access point visible to people with who you want to share your internet connection.

Re-dial the connection or else reconnect the internet connection if needed.I have created the hotspot but I cannot start it through command prompt.How to Enable WiFi Internet Sharing in Windows 8 after you configure when buy a modem and establish internet access is found here.Just turn on wifi of other devices and I am sure that now, the other devices will be able to receive wifi signals from your laptop, this means you have successfully started a wifi hotspot in windows 8.Everything is set up correctly but when I try to connect from my android phone, there is an infinite loop of obtaining IP address then authenticating then saved, secured with WAP2 and then repeats all over again.

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Please help me so that i can access internet on my mobile through laptop.Later you will share your laptop internet connection with the hotspot through the windows Network and sharing center.I have followed all the instructions mentioned and everything seems to working well and good.I have done as said.and everythings connected but still there is no internet access in my android phone and itouch.

For this reason you will need to open the windows networking and sharing center.How do I share an ethernet connection via wifi on. connection to share files and internet with Wi. connect to internet.How to Share a 3G Wireless Connection in Windows 7. create a WIFI hotspot so you can share the Internet. how to share your 3G wireless connection in Windows 7.Press enter and the hotspot will be created and will be discoverable by the other devices as well.When I go to share, it refuses to allow other network users to connect.

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Write the following command in the cmd to start the above created hotspot.

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Try now with the command netsh wlan start hostednetwork with admin privileges.How to share internet over USB from PC to a Windows Phone 8.Sometimes, I get errors unable to set connection or something like that.My iPod simply stays in a connection loop where it tries to connect, but nothing happens.How to Enable Internet Connection Share, WiFi hotspot in Windows 8 while one is desperately striving to commence data transmitting on his machine.Basically you just need to check that that whether a hosted network is supported by your adapter or not, if hosted network is supported then you can create a wifi hotspot to share the internet connection of your laptop, basically your laptop will act like a wifi router.This has to be done because, whenever you turn off your computer, the access point is stopped.But the problem is each time when I start the PC I need to do the same procedure.Broadband Rates and Performance: An Overview Across the Globe.

To do that move the mouse to the bottom left corner of your screen.But my mobile not getting the internet access through this connection.To turn on the access point, move your mouse pointer to the bottom left corner of your computer screen.Hi, My device has connected to my hotspot, but it cannot access the internet.

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How to share internet from Windows 8 computer via WiFi without using Router.

Note that this operation will be performed only once in the configuration and after that your settings will be automatically reused.When i connect to wireless, ip address not taking automatically please help me.Hey, just one question: after restarting laptop it should stay or not.Find out some amazing free softwares to create Wi-Fi hotspot.

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Hello, the program works fine with Win7, I have used cmd scripts before using it, but I have a small issue.A Built In or External Wifi adapter which supports the sharing ability for internet connection.But now my mobile is not able to connect to this hosted network, it is only showing this hosted network in the list, but not able to connect.Step 8: Now, you need to enable sharing your internet connection with devices that connect to the access point.Before that command all things are same as per your instruction but after this command this type of problem occured.Thanks a lot, the sharing worked after just the dos commands.My host connection (ethernet cable) cannot find the hotspot I made in the drop down list.Sharing the working internet connection with the windows 8 Wi-Fi hotspot.Try disabling the firewall and other things, which may block your new connection thinking it miscellaneous and then try again hotspot will work.