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Well, for starters you gain access to a vast library of TV shows, movies, and music that is not available in iTunes in Canada.

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Another problem: I am now not able to use my phone to call out or receive calls.I did mine with out master card or any card believe it or not. and it works perfect, except its only for free apps of course because there is no cards in there.I would imagine that Amazon would also expect a US address for Kindle book orders, but I could be wrong.

How to Create US Apple ID for users outside USA How to create US Itunes Account to Access United States.

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Same goes with purchases or rentals from the app store or itunes.This wikiHow teaches you how to create a new Apple. please click here to let us know. Change iTunes Account on an iPhone.

I am guessing this will be the solution to be able to call and receive calls from my phone.

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Hi, I live in the United States and I was wondering if this would work in reverse.So first I had to register with Google voice on my PC (found instructions online to do so).

How do you configure your phone now to take your new email that is attached to the iTunes US account.Okay, so maybe the latter perk is not something we can easily acquire or enjoy.By: Andrew Schrader. ABOUT US; CONTACT US; TERMS; PRIVACY POLICY...If you are like us and do not want to use a verified US credit card to create an US account, follow the step by step guide below. 1. Logout of your current account.Also, this method should work for people living in other countries trying to get access to a US iTunes account.If here in the USA i find the Vanilla Master Gift Card (or any other Pre-Paid Gift Card) could i make a Canadian iTunes Account with it.I want to make sure that the gift certificate I send to them is for the US iTunes, otherwise it would be a totally useless gift.

If you are located outside of the United States, and wish to purchase an iTunes gift card, you will need to create a USA iTunes.Anyone been able to find these in Winnipeg-or am I the only one living in this God Forsaken city:).Update, May 21, 2011: This method still works, but you need to ensure the ZIP code registered to your Vanilla MasterCard matches the ZIP code in your iTunes account.I live in Canada, and the person I want to gift to lives in the States.

I may have a friend who will purchase an iTunes Gift Card from the UK.I read all the posts about making sure you were logged into the US account and plugged into the ipad.

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I clicked on the iTunes Store and then scrolled to the bottom.Previously this did not matter, but the card setup has changed.

I just logged in again into my us iTunes account via the iPad settings and it worked.Otherwise I am just getting the apps I want on my desktop pc and syncing them to my ipad.

The iTunes software is performing a check when a user creates a new account to verify that the address of the user and his payment address are related.Why do you need an US Apple ID: An US Apple ID (iTunes Account) is the only way to access items in US iTunes store ( Movies, TV Shows.How to Setup an US iTunes Account in Canada: Buy MasterCard Gift Cards from Shoppers Drug Mart.Learn how to make a U.S. iTunes account without a credit card. Download U.S. only content from iTunes Store. Create U.S. iTunes account with. to include a US.