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The setup I use is pretty robust, but has the ASA doing DHCP for the local clients - this means that if the VPN goes down, users still have access to local systems.Name resolution fails on some VPN clients using host names or NetBIOS names.

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Please try again. User Name; Password.

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Please keep in mind that I have very little knowledge and experience with this kind of firewall and the little experience I do have is with the ASDM GUI console, not the CLI console.The Virtual Private Network (VPN) assists with connectivity on and off campus.

I get all the details properly and I can ping any host on the internal network using their IP.Firewall (Cisco ASA 5505). domain-name-system vpn firewall mac-osx-server cisco-asa. trying name resolution with an external server.

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Whenever I enter just a DNS name like server1,. 10 Ways to Troubleshoot DNS Resolution Issues.Pinging any client on the internal network works, including the DNS server so it is indeed reachable.

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Q: Cisco VPN - Connection failed unsuccessful domain name resolution.ASA FQDN access-lists Part 1. The Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). and allow name to ip resolution for access-lists.

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If the broadcast name resolution mechanism is unsuccessful,.Troubleshoot Mobile VPN with SSL. see Name Resolution for Mobile VPN with SSL. If it is a domain name,.

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If you would like to provide more details, please log in and add a comment below.Hopefully at least one of these options will assist you with name resolution using your VPN client. Posted.

As a first step, verify that the VPN client is set to use your internal DNS servers for name resolution.

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In my experience this should work with the out of the box config of the ASA.The Vpn Connection Failed Due To Unsuccessful Domain Name Resolution.

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I have no experience with the specific hardware you are working with.

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Check for any DHCP settings on the ASA that might be overriding your settings from your LAN DHCP server.

The cause is not fully known, but this is seen more frequently when people are using Google Public DNS (DNS servers and