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Hiding purchased iOS apps. you can hide them so that your Purchased screens and windows are less cluttered if you.This could be particularly useful if there are Apple utilities that are pre-installed on the phone that you.

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If you have ever tried to get rid of an app from the purchased list on your iPad, you may have noticed a hide button emerge if you slide your finger across the app.

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If you hide an item you purchased in the Mac App Store,. in Apple Support Communities.

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Have you ever wanted to browse the Internet without giving your IP address away either it be a forum that you.

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Follow this step-by-step guide to quickly hide and unhide the apps as you need.

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It appears that on iOS 5 you can even hide apps from your device,.

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You now have Invisible Folders containing invisible icons that would let you hide your secret apps.

With this simple trick, you can hide apps that cannot be deleted, without jailbreaking your iOS device.

Do you want to cover up an app or some apps from appearing on the iPad Pro.Some of the apps that are shipped on your iPhone or iPad are great.

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Have you ever wanted to hide photos from your library but not delete them.