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A guitar plugged striaght into the amp with a 0.5m high quality cable will give you the best signal but obviously, we need longer cables to be able to move around and for our pedals.

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Having multiple buffers might cause conflicts because manufacturers use different parts, values etc.The BOSS AB-2 allows you to easily switch between two guitars, or two amplifiers, instantly.

If I turn the tone down its not bad but I just want the Muff sounding the way it should (or close).I think you have the regular 250k pot in yours, have you noticed any real issues.Will having two boss pedals, the DD-20, and the RT cause any issues, they are the last two pedals.

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How much this will affect your rig and tone depends on how picky you are, how trained your ears are and how transparent your rig is.The BD2 should work nicely on the Jr but you need to set the amp up for a warm tone and keep the tone on the BD2 fairly low.So would you advise to let everything be TB (I can make the DD500 TB as an option) and let the BD2 drive the buffer though.Dual IC Buffer Here is a IC based Buffer PCB with two independent buffers on the PCB.For the more complex set up, the AB-2 can be connected side by side.

OH NO. my board is full of Boss pedals right now (tuner, compression, distortion, blues driver, chorus, delay). but my dream pedal is a Fuzz Face. am I going to have a tough time with this combination.

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So, the longer cable you use to and from the board and between the pedals, the more drainage there will be.Route and control your effects pedals with maximum flexibility.I use the over drive regularly and have the big muff driving it.You will recognize this by a noticeable high end roll off and generally a less open and dynamic tone and picking response.But with that said, if I used that same cabling all the way through my rig it would be mud by the time it got to the amp.For each pedal you add, you will also add the components of the pedal, patch cables, plugs etc.

With the TU 2 and the DBA as the only pedals in the chain it immediately sounds good again and there is no high end loss.So, every free minute has been staring at PDFs, and trying to get the dang things to work.If I move the wah in front of the buffered signal then voila, seagull effect.Also, I assume you meant to split the signal coming out of the DD-20, into the splitter, and the thru,(what you called the dry signal, which I took to mean the entire path, minus the RT.) Into my main amp, and the 2nd out into the other amp so that all the effects, plus the RT go to the second amp.

I also have a large board with many pedals, so should I get a dedicated buffer to put at the input of my board.Hardwired bypass means that the signal is electronically bypassed but still fed into the circuit.Another added control on many TB Loopers is a Bypass all switch which comes in handy in getting silence with one push of a button.I had used the Dunlop.60mm nylons for a long time, then went to a slightly thicker large triangular pick that I could modify slightly on one or two corners for a different attack.When I plugged the guitar directly into the Shin-Juku, I had the impression the sound was overly dark and not very articulate.I use the crunchbox as my lead and sometimes slightly boost it with the ocd after.In some cases it rolls off harsh overtones and makes everything seem smoother, while the fact is that it will drain your signal for nuances that could have made your tone sound better.On top of this, the extra impedance causes voltage drop, so the amp is not driven quite as hard.The Boss LS-2 Line Selector is a pedal that allows you loop your effect pedals so you can send your guitar straight to your amp and only use the effects when you want.

The other pedals i have are a Boss OD3 and now i need a tuner. BOSS Audio R1100M Riot 1100 Watt, 2/4 Ohm

Some pedals are very sensitive to long cables and suffer a great deal of high end roll off due to the long signal chain.But Bjorn, hardwire bypass still is an unbuffered pedal, correct.Adding overdrive to that already saturated feed will only sound muddy and probably cause a lot of feedback.All pedals claim to be true bypass and in fact I tried and they work without the DC on.But what you have a higher output impedance than others, or a lower input impedance.Depending on what tones you want you can place the Vibe Machine both in front and after the gain pedals.

Buy Boss AB-2 2-Way Selector: Footswitches - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.Activating the Soul Food buffer would help drive the signal through the board though.

The TC pedals, apart from the tuner, has dip switches inside for either true bypass or buffers.So in my setup, I only use the 25K linear potentiometer and the capacitor between my Boss pedal and my Fuzz Face and it does wonder.

Also there are no high quality buffers, or low quality buffers, other than noise or distortion.That will drive the signal from the guitar through the pedal board to the amp.Where everyone has a opinion and makes me question the end of the day.What this means, is that when you play loud with a tube amp, the tubes will heat up and produce a boosted tone.The only pedal you want infront of the wah is a vintage style fuzz.I was looking at a pitch black true bypass or should i go with the Boss TU2 and in what order should i run these pedals.The last three pedals in the chain is a buffered Vox delay, then two true bypass pedals (flashback and HOF).My experience is that no Boss pedal really manages to buffer the signal as well as a dedicated buffer.