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In this video I share with you my 10 Reasons Why iPhone is the best phone.Now, another company is calling it the most reliable phone on the market.

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Last Updated 16th April 2017: The iPhone is one of the most popular smart phones available today.The following nine paid iOS apps are free for a limited time only.True Apple fans will will certainly have a soft spot for this premium trooper in the years to come.Even though it has been almost 4 years since the Apple iPhone made its first appearance in smartphone markets.

Samsung Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition) vs the old Note 7: Here are the differences.Best Free Video Downloader Apps for iPhone (iPhone 7 included): Download videos with iPhone Apps: Note: Although, we have listed few applications in this article but.It failed to impress us as much as its predecessor and was mostly a device that tried to play catch with the competition.

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All 10 iPhones so far, reviewed and rated: the best and worst Apple smartphones according to us.Apple iPhone SE is the best small phone available on the market today.

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There are some traits which make the iPhone sell hot as cakes.I recently switched from an iphone 5 that i had to an HTC one M9 as i was a little tired of having the same old phone, the deal on the HTC was a.It was still an iPhone, which means that its multimedia capabilities, user interface, and design were impressive, yet the iPhone 3G failed to impress as much as its predecessor.

Why the iPhone 7’s camera is ‘the best smartphone camera ever’

The iSight camera on the 4.7-inch iPhone has a six-element lens and a 12-megapixel sensor.Most iPhone users use cases on their phones and were even handed free rubber bands for iPhone 4 to make up for the design flaw in their users.The telephoto lens also adds a depth-of-field effect to images, but it will only be activated via a software update set to be released at some point in the coming weeks.

LG releases new videos to show off the design and FullVision display of the LG Q6.Galaxy S8 Active rumor review: differences vs Galaxy S8, specs and release date.

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The camera in the iPhone 7 is better than any iPhone before it, according to Apple, and then comes the iPhone 7 Plus.

Why iPhone SE is the best smartphone on 2017?

If you are choosing between the Android operating system and the iPhone OS (iOS), then you should first decide which features and functions are most important to you.The iPhone 6s will almost certainly be one of the best smartphones on the planet when it goes on sale later this month.Camera comparison: Sony Xperia Z2 vs Samsung Galaxy S5, LG G2, HTC One (M8), iPhone 5s.No matter how many articles, justifications, and arguments I get sent about iOS’s...

You lose all credibility when you call it the best display ever to this day.What happens is that the ISP uses both cameras to make the subject look sharp, while blurring the background.The depth-of-field feature, also known as bokeh will bring over a new portrait mode to the camera app for photos.Current generation are capable enough to get more then 8 rating but they are not best anymore.Note 4 is an awesome phone, but my old iPhone still beats it in SOME THINGS in real life.

Alleged Google Pixel XL (2017) design revealed: Thin bezels are in.The latest iPhone has one of the best displays of any smartphone you can buy.Phone by Google, vol. 2: 7 rumored features of the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2.

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Yeah except a 100th of 1% of people had it actually affect them.Lol it got the same as an iPhone 5 but with plastic, goes to show all that BS about premium materials is just marketing for Apple by PA.

The camera now comes with optical image stabilization (OIS), just like all the iPhone Plus versions before.Behold: This Pixel 2 is so much sleeker than its iPhone 8 counterpart.All content (phone reviews, news, specs, info), design and layouts are Copyright 2001-2017 phoneArena.com. All rights reserved.

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Since the first iPhone came out in 2007, production has followed a predictable schedule: Every two years, Apple has given its new iPhone — the iPhone 3G, iPhone 4.The ISP produces instant results, needing only 25ms to set up your perfect shot, at least according to Apple.Best GRAPHICS on any mobile STILL, booyah. (would love to compare my 5S Game Graphics to current android flagships, but android just doesnt get the same graphic intensive games that iOS often does, sorry had to rub it in).