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Full Review DJ SHRAVAN June 8, 2017 I have paid 333 Rupees so that i can unlike mass photos but what i see it can unlike only 5 and then it says fail.How to Delete Photos Instagram Easy and Quickly - There are several reasons why you want to delete instagram photo that has been in the post.Tips: You can also long press one item in the list and all the previous consecutive items will be selected.

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Full Review Ryley Smith June 4, 2017 Slightly works though there are a lot of problems.


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Awesome, iphoneography online right now off., little dotsapr.Only when I selected them it actually only allows you to delete 50 at a time.Chrome, Firefox) and then go to Log in to view your Instagram web profile.If I received my refund, I would definitely remove this review though Full Review kage cooke May 21, 2017 Waste of my time.Dont waste your time Full Review andhisa hapsari June 21, 2017 I have paid to upgrade PRO, but unfortunately, the app often failed delete mass the photo, so i had to repeat and repeat trying delete the photo.

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When you delete your account, your profile, photos, videos, comments, likes and followers will be permanently removed.

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Full Review June 3, 2017 Have to keep reloading to get to older posts.Full Review Mark Torrance June 21, 2017 It sucks still have adds even though i paid 5 bucks.

HOW DO YOU DELETE INSTAGRAM PHOTOS ONLINE Couple of experts online gallery latest weeks show you can do.

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You can only upload and delete photos from the official Instagram app.Full Review Mark Murphy May 22, 2017 Worst of all the unfollow apps.Place your mouse cursor over the photo that you wish to delete and then right-click on it.

The only reason I downloaded this app was to unfollow all and 5 dollars for that.

How do I delete multiple photos at once? | Facebook Help solutiom was create a script with imacros, the account is clean now and for free.

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Full Review SaFteiNZz May 16, 2017 The mass unfollow is simply trash, I tried to clean my account with 6300 followings and it did only unfollow 200 the rest did fail and since that moment it just keep missing almost every unfollow.

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How do you delete several pictures at once on Instagram?

Key feature: - Bulk unfollow users. - Bulk unlike photos and videos. - Bulk block followers. - Bulk delete your posts. - Convenient selection tools.You will immediately see all of the photos that you wish to delete and nothing else.Full Review Fondue July 11, 2017 Doesnt allow mass unfollows.Best Answer: I copied this answer from can bring this site up and others that might help by entering DELETE INSTRAGRAM PHOTOS.