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It offers an incredible library of music to users, providing more than enough value for money.I see these Recommended Stations and Featured Playlists, is there some sort of Spotibot-esque playlist creator.On Pandora and similar services, one play is heard by one person (or at most a handful).If a DJ played music that people liked they would get more listeners and increase the advertising value of the station.But, artists would be smart to have less of a contentious relationship with Pandora.How to get Pandora outside of the USA is a common question heard around the world because when it comes to streaming online radio there are few arguments that Pandora.If you want more and better music, make sure the artists you listen to get paid.This guy and his like are exactly what keeps people pirating movies.

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Independent artists are welcome to submit their music for consideration by Pandora via the Independent Artist.

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Before 1995 this artist would have been extraordinarily lucky to get their song in rotation a few times on a local station.Advertising rates for mobile ads are lower and ads are not as successful versus desktop.

Much better than the Pandora rate, but still not a wonderful deal for artists.David was also a member of Camper Van Beethoven prior to that which also got radio play, however their biggest radio hit was a cover of the Pictures of Matchstick Men and You.I get what he is saying but making your point over a picture of a protest where thousands died is not the way to do it.I thought I saw version of Camper Van Beethoven touring last year.No artist reposts for 30 days if the previous post broke 100 points.

Pandora will also appear in the My Pins area of Xbox Home for quick access.Are the artist and pandora not giving a bigger royalty if the user converts it into a purchase through iTunes, as I would assume Pandora has a pretty solid rev share agreement with iTunes.

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Hell, at least Pandora is giving him a reasonable idea of how many people heard his song.He made an ad that compared the tiananmen square tank picture to music artists against youtube, Pandora ect.

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You actually have to get out there and work, play shows, promote yourself, make good music.So, if you make a couple of albums that end up in the hole and then have a hit, you still might not make any money off the current hit album.

Artists and creatives make the stuff that makes life worth living.

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Totally different definitions of what a play is, totally different advertising structures, totally different listening patterns.

Live venue has been where artists make more money, even via the pre-Internet model.As you may have heard, beloved music-streaming service Pandora just pulled the plug for listeners outside the U.S. Web 2.0 blog franticindustries shows you how to put.But I would say that the are entitled to a higher percentage of the profits those songs generate.

FAQ are design to help you quickly find an answer to commonly asked questions.Any time my product is used in a commercial setting, I should be compensated.EDIT: also, you can then go and add specific songs that you want to hear on that station to the queue if you want.

I get what he is saying, but Pandora adding even more ads is a good way for them to fail to the plethora of other options.

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Never have so many musicians been vying for air time, and there has never been so many different ways to listen to music.

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Pandora can be great exposure, but the term exposure should be banned from being used around music.

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EDIT: After doing a bit of digging, it looks like Spotify pays roughly half a cent per stream, give or take.

How much do you think Pandora makes off of their service, which is driven by artists, to run ads etc.This is 5,016 times as much as Pandora, but only 7.2% of what Sirius pays him.All with no effort for a couple of days of work he did 20 years ago.Pandora and SoundExchange have a long-term agreement and fees are based on a per-play, per-song rate.