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Access the web interface of the modem connected to the WAN port of the router.In other words, use an address that starts with the same three numbers (default 192.168.1. x ) as your router, but has a fourth number that is not likely to be assigned to any clients by the normal DHCP settings.If not checked, you may need to restart each application on your PC to re-establish each connection before the rule is applied to that connection.How often the router connects to a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server to update its internal clock.

Under the Trigger Ports, you would enter a list of the ports that your computer will use to initiate the forwarding.Any computer that sends outbound packets on any of the ports listed in Trigger Ports will then have all unsolicited packets received from the Internet on the Forwarded Ports sent to it.This tutorial explains how to configure Tomato to use OpenDNS.If your router is running Tomato firmware, you can configure how it manages particular.QOS is not easy to apply with P2P as even L7 filters do not work particularly well.If you like to go more into details of traffic shaping try the WRT54 Script Generator as an extension to the current QoS implementation (see Tools for details).However, enabling this mode can cause throughput issues on some 802.11n network devices that are not fully compatible with the 802.11n standard.This is primarily useful for outbound data (data going from your computers to the Internet).Tabs at the top allow selection of the various interfaces for detail on the bandwidth for that interface.

Allows the the creation and modification of VLANs along with their associated ports.

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Note: Do not enable Remote SSH via the menu, this script will do it and apply the right rules.Disappears after 5 intervals: 10 seconds in Real-Time, 10 minutes in Last 24 Hours, etc.

At a flea market, but you can also find them reasonably-priced online if you do a Google search.Microsoft Internet Explorer requires the SVG plugin from the Adobe SVG Viewer download area.This feature must be enabled for iPhones and iPads to connect in 802.11n mode.

The Device List Provides a list of the current devices that have been assigned an IP address by the DHCP server.DTIM Interval: Sets the amount of time in milliseconds between Delivery Traffic Indication Messages, which tells a client in power-saving mode when to expect the next broadcast message.The default week starting day is Sun (Sunday), but can be changed.Clone with HTTPS Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL.Allows you to specify which connections will get what levels of priority.If unchecked, LAN devices can only contact other LAN devices via their local IP addresses.

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The only incoming connections (which are Allowed by Firewall) are things such as remote admin, FTP, SSH, or forwarded ports.Enabled sets No Acknowledgment which allows higher throughput and lower latency when some packet loss is acceptable (i.e. for VoIP).

DSL connections generally use PPPoE, which usually requires a username and password (provided by your DSL provider).Custom 1,2,3 allow execution of arbitrary commands, within those present in Tomato.The Real-Time and Last 24 Hours charts are rendered with Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), and require an SVG-enabled web browser.This will override the default priority set in the Basic Settings page.Under certain circumstances, this setting is useful, but is a very inefficient way to control inbound data.The rest of the settings (username, password) speak more or less for themselves.Events Logged: Allow you to specify what types of events you want logged.

Remote Access: If checked, you will be able to access the router via SSH from the Internet and the Local Network.

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Note: As of version 1.19 - Wireless Bridge must be set to WPA.

Instead of having to know your IP address each time it changes, a computer on your network can run a special network program that submits your updated IP address, which you can then refer to via a standard URL issued by your DDNS provider.Choose the frequency that is the furthest from any other frequency in use.Tomato originally supported 50 entries, this has been increased to 100.The most effective way to tune QoS is to do an Internet speed test with QoS turned off.

This pause represents a period where a new firmware can be flashed to the router via TFTP, if the firmware on the flash chip has been corrupted.Edit: Tomato Firmware v1.21.1515 - There is no option to check to enable NAT loopback.However, this bypasses all firewall functions of the router for this device, so be sure the device is very well secured.Controls setup of the Local area Network (LAN), which includes settings for wired and wireless clients connected to the router.Category: Tomato Firmware Hidden categories: Stubs Accuracy disputes.Local Access: Determines whether and how the router may be accessed from a web browser on a local computer (a computer attached to the router, or attached to a switch or hub attached to the router).

If the upstream bandwidth becomes over-saturated (more packets want to go out than the connection can send), lower-priority packets will be delayed (and possibly eventually discarded) to make room for higher-priority packets.Receive Antenna: Selects which antenna is used for receiving.