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The Rape of Nanking and the evil human experiments done by Unit 731 usually come to mind when we think of Japanese war crimes.

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Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.The mercenary war is so often overlooked yet so pivotal in the chain of events leading up to the Second Punic War.

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Truceless War History of Warfare Editor Kelly DeVries Loyola College Founding editors Theresa Vann Paul Chevedden VOLUME 45 Truceless War.

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Tiger Knight: Empire War is an MMO-like tactical combat game set in the Middle Ages and you can play it for free now via Steam Early Access.The major source for the events of the Second Punic War is Polybius which makes.

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Save on your favorite pop culture characters for a limited time.At the conclusion of the First Punic War mercenaries were shipped back from Sicily to.

I have recently develeoped an interest in the truceless war, fought after the first Punic war between Carthage and some of her former mercenary troops.

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